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i just thought i'd share for those of you who sell their stuff. i won't have enough stuff ready for the jury date, but some of you might!

i got this e-mail today, and i thought i'd pass it on. you can call the number below for more info, but from what i can remember, seamrippers is a craft collective here in vancouver. they have a creative studio space, do some workshops, and recently had a gallery opening of craft based art (which i missed, and i am still so upset!)

hello boys and girls,

i believe that i mentioned this a few weeks ago but now i really mean it. we at the Seamrippers Craft Collective are having our very first craft fair. it is scheduled for Saturday November 13th from 3pm until 10pm. and in true seamrippers style it will be followed by a dance party.

and we are looking for crafters to take part in this event. so if you make art or crafts or something in between please let us know.

the tables cost $10 (cheap) and we are encouraging trades. if you've never done a craft fair before we'll be gentle.

the jury date is Sunday October the 24th between 4 and 7pm at 436 west pender. bring a sample of the stuff you make so we can get an idea of what we have to work with. please contact us if you are interested or this date doesn't work for you. email us (please include 'craft fair' in the subject line, it makes our lives way easier) or phone us at (604) 689-SEAM (7326).

hope to hear from you all soon,

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