aymi (crafty_dame) wrote,

i haven't posted anything crafty in soo soo long....

here's a bunch, warning! LOTS OF PICTURES!

first, some flower pins that i did for a swap on craftster.....

this one's my favourite, though i'm also in love with the daisy with the acrylic centre. and the fun fur one is cool!

more flower pins, all crocheted, but not for the swap.

the green one's my favourite.

speaking of crocheting... i did this at (canadian) thanksgiving, so you can tell how long it's been since i've posted pictures! i was really happy with this. he doesn't like being too girly, and i usually suck at toning the girliness down, but this worked out well.

he wanted brown. this is kinda more the true colour.

some kippot that i've been making.... there's more, but they really aren't that exciting. they're really quick and easy to do, and my best friend wear's them every day, so he's always looking for variety. i've perfected my pattern for cloth ones, so i'll start on those next. the brown one is made using regular acrylis yarn and crochet cotton together, and i'm really liking the effect. i tried it out to find a way to use up all the crochet cotton i never use. i'm in the middle of a scarf with varigated rainbow cotton and black acrylic, it's really cute.

slightly boring lanyards i made for everyone at work, but i love the silvery snowflakes on the fabric!

and the cards i made everyone, with fun foam snowflakes, glittery cardstock and beads.

this isn't new, i made it a few years ago, when i was tinier, but i finally remembered to make someone wear it for pictures. i love it so much. it's a deconstructed giant sweatshirt that's now much less giant.

and, last but not least, postcards for the What Would the Mail Carrier Think? Postcard Swap with the theme of feminism/women. i used images from the '20s, b&w copied, then added colour and glitter. i've added clear contact paper as well, to keep all the glitter from leaving a trail in post offices throughout the world! but i took the picture before i added it, to cut down on glare.

i LOVE this image, but i didn't copy enough of it. i didn't even realize that the chorus line was all wearing wings until i started colouring them!

and if you like the idea of a postcard swap, check out the postcard swap i'm currently organizing on craftster- http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=22408.0 if you've been a craftster member for more than a month, and you're not a "bad swapper", you're welcome to join!

it's valentine themed! i'm super excited!

as far as i can tell, i'm not breaking any community rules by posting that. i'll take it out if needed though. i'm just really excited.

and that's it for now. i have more, but there are already a million pictures on here. and i'm in the middle of multiple projects, including some stuff for upcoming swaps, a purse made using an image transfer marker to make it look really cool, and lovely resin valentines stuff!
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That scarf is very cool, and not at all girly. Very well done! :)
your stuff is amazing.

I'm messaging you here because craftster is down. I'm trying my hardest, i promise you.

My email is flick_veritas@hotmail.com, please email me, so i can talk to you about stuff.
'manly scarf' my ass... girly NOT manly
I would really love to add you, I love all your crafty things, they are soo neat!
but I was wondering if you post these in your normal journal also, and if I should just add that one?
hi there! I'm trying to make contact with the folks who do the zine Femme Vitale - I did an interview for the 3rd one (I believe) about a year ago or so. I wanted to check in about it, but also need to see if I can get a copy of that interview sent to me, it was lost in the shuffle when I changed jobs. I've e-mailed the glittermary address and haven't heard anything. I would SO much appreciate it if you could tell me how to get in touch with whoever is coordinating the printing or has the submissions. many many thanks!
**Niku - msfilms @ hotmail.com
crap, that's me! i'm so sorry!

did you ever get a copy? i wasn't the one who was sending them out, but i am the one who's got them now, so i can send one out to you, since the person who did that originally has since moved away.

i'll go check the glittermary address, i haven't checked it in ages because i haven't been advertising the zines at all lately.

we actually printed the 3rd one in october to take to a zine fest, but i got really sick after that and had to move and things have been crazy ever since. my health's just finally settled down and i'm going to crosspost it around different zine and femme communities as soon as i get a chance (this is a pattern for me, my fibro gets better, i get excited to do stuff again, then i overcommit myself. it's stupid, i know).

look for an e-mail from me!
and i obviously forgot which name i was logged in under. regardless, it's still me!



December 19 2006, 20:44:04 UTC 10 years ago

is the zine gone fer good? i'm dying to get my hands on one.
ketchwehr (at) gmail (dot) com.
Good site, thanks! APosterTest



June 21 2007, 21:57:08 UTC 9 years ago