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I never got around to posting these, so I though I'd share, even if it is a bit late. we made quilts for some of our christmas presents this year. other than the moose quilt, it was almost all scraps and pieces i already had, so all the patterns had to be created to fit the size of the fabric pieces, which was a bit challenging. i'm very happy with them, it had been so long since i'd made a quilt. and now i'm all inspired, so i'm making my sister a quilt with Harry Potter fabric right now.

My partner's mom's quilt, with celestial print rectangles and border and all her favourite colours. i designed the quilt, then reese did almost of the sewing, his first quilt! the only thing he'd sewn before this was boxers.

My dad's quilt, with moose print flannel and brown fabric paint stamped moose on tan coloured twill (i still had to hand sew the bottom in the pic). I was SOOO glad i had taught reese how to sew, i ran out of time and he ended up doing a lot of the final piecing on this one.

My mom's quilt, with all the cat fabrics that I've been collecting over the years.

Close up of the top of the quilt. (with my little brother holding it, the only person in the family who's tall enough to hold it up!)

Close up of the bottom of the quilt.

All of the quilts are backed with fleece, so they're nice and cosy and no binding was needed!
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