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follow up on vulva themed crafts

thanks to everyone who had ideas about my friend’s gift (I posted about it here, here, and here.)

i finished the first part of her gift, and made myself one too! we’re still planning on decorating a pair of underwear to match the bustier, but we really wanted to get part of it done before she left for her surgery.

the finished result- (a 6.5” x 8.5” pillow)

this is the pillow for my friend. my partner picked out the fabric and it’s super super soft, but you can’t really see the details as clearly as you can in the other pillow.

and this is my pillow, which ended up being much more graphic. (and is actually more a cherry red, but my camera warped the colour)

they're actually anatomically correct, just cartoony.

wanna know how i made it?

i used an adapted quilting technique that i’ve always wanted to play with. For some reason, i think it’s a japanese technique, but i think that’s wrong. all my quilting books are packed up ready to move in two weeks, otherwise i’d look it up. it’s supposed to be done with cotton fabrics, but i used a stretch for the top fabric so that i could pad it more.

the basic idea is that you are stuffing between two layers of fabric, a top and a bottom. you sew two pieces together, then cut little holes in the bottom fabric, push stuffing in and hand sew it back up.

i drew the vulva, then heat transferred it onto the bottom fabric. then i pinned the two fabrics together and i sewed along all the lines of the drawing.
(this picture shows the transferred pattern and some stitching)

(this picture shows all the stitching except for a square frame around the edges)

then i sewed the back of the pillow onto the two front pieces around three sides (for the first pillow, i waited until i had stuffed it before i stitched the pillow back on, and it was much much more difficult to sew a straight line!).

then i cut little slits in the backing fabric (only!) between each line of stitching and used the end of a small paintbrush to push little bits of stuffing into the space. when it was full, i hand stitched that slit closed.
i didn't stuff the clit, because i put the bead there instead. in the furry pillow, i didn't stuff the vagina, but in the solid red one, the fabric was kinda buckling, so i did, but it's not stuffed as full as the rest.

after i did all that, i turned the pillow right way out (this took a bit of struggling!). then i sewed the large bead clit onto the front piece (careful not to sew it all the way through to the back!). i stuffed the pillow, then hand sewed the bottom closed.

i’d like to make one in some sort of shiny burgundy knit. it would be soo pretty.

i was so inspired by everyone’s ideas, and now i have a ton of new projects i can’t wait to start. thanks again!

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