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i thought i'd share the costumes my mom, my sister and i made for a community theatre play. the costume designer for a play ended up in the hospital, without even starting on the costumes. the director waiting a few weeks before contacting mom, and then asked her and my sister to do the costumes within 3 weeks. that wouldn't be too bad, except that the play is set in barkerville during the gold rush and has a cast of about 10, with 5 of them can can girls! but mom and my sister were both incredibly busy, with work and other volunteer stuff. enter aymi. when they first got the call mom called me and asked me if i wanted to help, and i said no, i don't have time. by the friday 4 days before the final dress rehearsal, it didn't matter if i had time. so i worked on costumes all weekend. i think i averaged about 4 hours sleep each night and maybe 1 meal a day? mom helped for a few days, working mostly on the guys clothes, and my sister came home monday and helped, and my mom's friend came over and created work due to her incompetence, but the costumes got finished, and they're gorgeous.

the bloomers (i made 5 pairs. one pair was already done, so i just needed to add lace to them. one less thing to make!)

the dresses (luckily my sister had cut out all the skirts and mostly sewn them together, thank god, so i just needed to make the underskirts and put waistbands on them. she helped a lot with the skirts when she got home from her conference. most of the women had their own corsets and one of the actresses had made her own dress, so we just had to make her a corset and an underskirt. i don't have pic of her dress or underskirt)
the red dress
the blue dress
the purple dress (the ruffles are actually purple, about the same colour as her feather. my camera colours are just a little wonky)
the gold dress (i did make a matching gold corset for it, but it was taking too long and looked like crap because the actress has no chest to fill it out, so i went out and bought one)

then all of the can can dresses needed headpieces, so here they are. i had only hand sewn the hair clip onto one of them when i took the picture though.

this one is my favourite. i love the peacock feather. it's for the head dancer, so it was a bit fancier.

i also had to make a bonnet for the lead, and i'm super proud of it. it turned out really well.

it started with just a regular straw hat, i took the ugly ribbon off and cut it up. then i hand stitched black satin around the edges to bind them (sewing through the straw was a royal pain in the butt!), and glued mint green ribbon that matched the green and black dress onto the front to cover the rough edges. i wish i had used satin ribbon on the edges, but i didn't have any at the time. then i bought satin ribbon and wrapped it around the bonnet, made a bow, added some feathers and hot glued the hell out of it, then sewed long pieces of ribbon to the bottom sides to tie it below her chin.

the bow and feathers.

the inside of the boonet (what you see from the front)

i did a lot of altering stuff for the townspeople dresses too. my favourite is the bustle i added to this dress.
i love bustles. i keep making myself skirts with little bustles in the back.

(you can kind of see one of the bonnets i made in the first picture. i made 5 of those damn things too, all in different colours)

one of my cats helped us sew all weekend.

so the show opened last wednesday, and the costumes look pretty good. the show is fun, it's a musical, and the hertie gertie girls do some fun dances. it was crazy, it was fun, i'm reminded why i quit theatre, but i'm also reminded of how much i loved it. i do miss it.

also, i bought a new sewing machine! it's beautiful. it's baby blue! i don't know how to work it!
i'm frantically searching online for a manual. it came with the guarantee certificate that says it was purchased in prince rupert, british columbia, canada on may 24, 1969. it's a kenmore C877-07. so cool. it seems to have the ability to do lots of fun stitches, it came with all of these attachments that snap into a spot in the top.

has anyone ever used a machine like this before? please help!

i got a free machine too, that doesn't work, but it's pretty. i'm gonna take it apart and figure it out.

so that's what i've been busy with. i have a ton of half finished projects that were set aside for these costumes, including screen printing, an altered book, a record clock and new bedding for our bedroom. that's what next weekend is for!
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