aymi (crafty_dame) wrote,

Most shirt patterns with puffed sleeves are button up shirts, but puffed sleeves look cute on all different kinds of shirts. here's a simple way to change any pattern to make puffed sleeves.

This tutorial is for puffed sleeves that are not gathered at the bottom.

The sleeve pattern.

step 1- cut a slit in the sleeve pattern at the very centre of the sleeve, all the way down to the cuff.

step 2- tape the pattern to another piece of paper, leaving a tapered space between the two pieces of the pattern. the bottom of thesleeve pieces should be touching, otherwise your sleeve will be too loose around your arm.

step 3- do the same thing about an inch on either side of the middle slit. you could theoretically just do one slit, and make the v bigger, but then the gathering won't be as evem.

when you sew the sleeve piece into the arm hole, you will have to gather the top of the sleeve to fit. (to gather, use the largest machine stitch you have and baste between the slits. then pull on the ends of the thread to gather the fabric together)

If you want the sleeve to be gathered at the bottom, you will need to make the V's differently. This is what the pattern will look like.

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