aymi (crafty_dame) wrote,

i spent all of last weekend doing crafty stuff, new projects and FINALLY finishing the ones that were put aside to do the costumes i posted about last time.

so i thought i'd share.....(there's lots of pictures! i'm sorry!)

the first is we made for a friend who was having this nightmare experience with a filling, the dentist was on holidays, the filling fell out, it was too swollen, etc etc. it went on for several weeks of her eating only liquid food, so we made her a card to cheer her up. i know it's kind of gruesome, but i really liked how it turned out.

i bought the frames at a thrift store and they were actually kinda pricey by thrift store standards (like $7 each or something), but i loved them. i bought cork by the foot at revy, then cut cardboard pieces to fit into the frames. then i used rubber cement to glue the cork onto the cardboard.

i know everyone makes them, but i had to. i love the name of the record, and i used nail polish to paint the little plastic subtraction signs and equal signs from a magnetic numbers set to match the record label. i ended up taking the purple second hand off because i'd put so much paint on it that it won't tell the correct time anymore. i used the clock mechanism from a $3 ikea clock because it was way cheaper than a clock kit!

i made her ages ago, but never got around to putting her on magnets. i covered her and her clothes with packing tape to protect them.

at the craft store, so i had to use them. i'm going to make more of the eyelash magnets using cartoon eyes, i think they'll look better. it's so hard to resist the allure of marble magnets!

then i thought since i was taking pictures of magnets, i'd post some older ones i've done.

we made a ton of these years ago as an activity at a youth group i used to facilitate. i still think they're awesome.

wooden stars from the dollar store painted, then slathered with beads and glue. i have a bunch of these, but most of them are on my filing cabinet at work.

hope you like them! i've been on a huge magnet kick lately and i'm in the middle of two more magnet projects. amusingly enough, my fortune at dinner tonight was "your magnetic personality will draw people to you".

this weekend i'm busy screenprinting (with emulsion and everything!) and finishing a recycled project for a contest at work, so i'll post those next weekend.
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