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newspaper dress and scrabble-y goodness

recent projects.....

this was for a contest at work to make something new out of something you would otherwise throw away. i didn't win the contest, and i'm a little disapointed, but not really. i just made it for fun, but i think i'd feel better if the winners had been more creative! the 1st prize went to someone who made magazine holders out of cereal boxes and painted them up all tacky, 2nd prize went to someone who made a stanley cup out of cookie tins and painted them all silver and 3rd prize went to someone who made a log reindeer. i thought the first two were kind of neat (even if they were tacky), and i wouldn't have minded losing to them, but i was pretty disgusted by the reindeer. how creative is that? you see them at every craft show and in front of every trailer. but oh well.

more details of the dress

for the top i folded paper into strips and pinned them on and wove them together directly onto the dress form, so that it is fitted to her. then i carefully taped them and cut up a slit up the back so that i could take it on and off.

for the bottom i cut the paper into strips, then wove them together into 4 big sheets and taped them into a skirt shape.

the pleats were cut into strips, then pleated, taped on, and then i cut thin strips from black parts of the paper to make a ribbon. it took me 3 and a half newspapers, three or four rolls of tape and about 8-10 hours in front of the tv.

and scrabble coasters for a (VERY LATE) chanukah present that i finally finished.

sorry these are kinda blurry, i didn't realize the pictures were so shoddy until i'd already given him the present!

they're made of resin, with balsa wood scrabble stickers and blue glitter inside.

i even put little rubber things on the bottom so that they wouldn't scratch the table.

this was a going away present for the same person, who is moving. he's a scrabble fiend. i colour copied a scrabble board at 75% percent, then had it laminated. i copied all the letters at 75%, then stuck them onto magnet sheets and cut them all out. i made four little corners to hold the board up when there are no letters on it, and i silkscreened his name onto fabric in scrabble letters, then made a bag out of it. and i glued magnets to the back of the hook, so that he can hang the bag full of scrabble letters from his fridge and still be able to pull letters without seeing what they are.

and we made him a card with his name silkscreened on it in scrabble letters.

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