aymi (crafty_dame) wrote,

okay, i have a question for you crafty folks....

i bought a vinyl tablecloth, a cheap one with flannelly backing on it. it's a really cool pattern on it, and i want to make stuff out of it. but i can't get the creases out from the way it was folded in the package!

does anyone know how to get the creases out? i'm scared to iron it, because it's basically plastic. and i tried putting it in the dryer on no heat, but that's not really working either.

please help! it would be perfect, if only i could get the creases out!

and just so this isn't text only- the only duct tape project i've ever finished (the rest always looked so crappy, i gave up).

it's a book cover, and i'm very proud of it.

with a pretty shooting star. all i had was yellow and black, and i didn't want it to be too bumble bee-ish.

the star goes all the way around onto the side as well.

the inside.
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